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Thinking of getting an iron door for your home or property gate? Wrought iron doors are beautiful, secure, and add a touch of flavor and design to your property. Here are eight things to consider when choosing an iron door.

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Iron Door

  • Design – First and foremost, focus on the design that you want. There are many different designs available. You want one that will complement the existing design of your home. Take a look at our online catalog for more information.
  • Size – Make sure that you take measurements of your doorway so that you can order a door that fits.
  • Quality – Make sure you are getting from a company that provides only high-quality products. This way, your door will last long, will be secure, and will not leak when it rains.
  • Finish – Hire a company that provides high-quality anti-rust treatments. We have many beautiful finishes available in different colors and designs that you can choose from.
  • Single Vs. Double – Consider whether you want a single or double door. Each has its advantages in regards to design and convenience, but it will ultimately be up to your personal taste.
  • Lighting – Wrought iron doors give you the ability to control how much lighting comes into your home. You can get a door that’s designed to let in optimum sunlight and which also gives you space to hang lights for nighttime.
  • Warranty – Make sure you hire a company that has a warranty. This will ensure that your door is of high-quality and free from defects or damage. Get one that has a warranty for damage that may be caused during installation as well.
  • Threshold – Finally, don’t just focus on the door itself but on the design of the threshold. Consider installing a new threshold to enhance and match your new door.

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