How to Clean Wrought Iron Door

Doors speak volumes about the kind of person you are. Be it a wrought iron door, gate, or a screen door, iron is known to be strong, heavy, and durable, so clean them adequately to maintain their luxurious look. The appearance of rust is also a clear indicator of a poorly cleaned wrought iron door. With that said, here are a few tips when it comes to cleaning wrought iron doors.

How to Clean Wrought Iron Door

Get a Cleanser and a Lint-free Cloth

There are several disinfectants on the market, but ensure you go for a mild one. You could as well make your very own detergent. Just mix vegetable-based soap or liquid Castile soaps with some bit of water. Soak your lint-free cloth in the mixture, and then use it to wipe the wrought iron doors gently. You will notice that dirt quickly disappears as you clean.

Dry the Iron Door

Once you wipe the door using a cleanser and a piece of cloth, ensure you do not leave to dry on the wrought iron doors. That is because of the presence of chemicals and minerals present in the cleanser and water. These could stain and even damage the look of the door. Use a dry piece of cloth or sponge to dry the door. This way, you will maintain the beauty of the door and prolongs its life.

Avoid Caustic Cleansers

It would be best if you didn’t use caustic cleansers when it comes to wrought iron doors. Products such as window cleaners, harsh chemicals, and surface sprays permanently mar an iron surface. It is advisable to use a home-made cleanser.

Rust Removal

In case the door already has rust, you can use a metal brush or sandpaper to scrape off the rust and flaking paint. Then use a primer once the rust is cleaned and apply metal paint on the iron door.

With the above cleaning tips, you can be sure that your door will remain sleek and strong for a long time. Feel free to contact us for more information on iron wrought doors.

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